Rendair – The first architectural rendering platform

Rendair – The first architectural rendering platform

Convert text descriptions into striking visuals, transform drawings into realistic renders, elevate 3D models into photorealistic rendering, and turn ordinary images into extraordinary artworks with RENDAIR AI.

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Pricing Type

  • Pricing Type: Freemium (Free & Paid)
  • Price Start From: 49

Open Source or Commercial

  • Operation Type: Comercial

Introduce of Rendair

Rendair is an all-in-one rendering software designed specifically for architecture, interior design, landscaping, and other real estate-related businesses. It offers a comprehensive solution for creating stunning architectural renders and virtual tours.

Features and Benefits of Rendair

  1. Versatile Rendering: Rendair provides both interior and exterior rendering capabilities. It can produce 360-degree renders, virtual tours, and videos, making it suitable for various architectural visualization needs.
  2. Fast Turnaround: Rendair boasts ultra-fast delivery options, with renders available in as fast as 3 days. This rapid turnaround time can significantly expedite project timelines.
  3. Virtual Credits: The platform offers Rendair Coins, which are virtual credits that users can purchase and use to access Rendair services at a discounted price. This system provides flexibility and cost savings for frequent users.

Official Website of Rendair

Rendair Official website
Rendair Official website
Rendair pricing plan and features
Rendair pricing plan and features