Prompt Publish Profit: Nonfiction Writing With ChatGPT | Publish Your Book Faster With AI

Prompt Publish Profit outlines step-by-step guidance for turning your passions into a profitable and credible book using next generation tools like ChatGPT, audiobooks...

Put rocket fuel in your nonfiction writing, marketing and money making game with this ultimate guide to using ChatGPT, AI and other revolutionary tools.

Prompt Publish Profit outlines step-by-step guidance for turning your passions into a profitable and credible book using next generation tools like ChatGPT, audiobooks and automation. Author Carla White a successful tech pioneer and in-demand online business coach, shows you exactly how to do just that. She details the formula for a page-turner book, how to use modern technology to write it fast, and ultimately how to monetize your book quickly, making you a legend in your field.

Prompt Publish Profit will help you:

  • How to get started with ChatGPT and get quality content that positions you as the expert that everyone’s dying to hire.
  • Gain clarity on exactly what to say in each chapter to unlock instant fame
  • Publish and launch in an afternoon, growing your list and profits with an automated system so simple, you’ll be cancelling half your subscriptions.
  • How to test your book idea and get your first buyers with a single social media post, even before you write a single word.
  • How to use tools like ChatGPT and other revolutionary tools that free you from the system and bring in clients (and money!) on autopilot.

The old ways of publishing a book and becoming an authority figure have held you back too long. Prompt Publish Profit is here to shake things up and give you the tools you need to get your solution out there to the people who need it. Because let’s be real, someone out there is just dying for your knowledge and expertise. And we’ll be damned if we let outdated and expensive methods stop you from getting it to them. Let’s do this, together.

Free Bonus

Think of this book as your cheat code for writing and publishing your nonfiction masterpiece, and as a bonus, you’ll get a downloadable ChatGPT prompt cheat sheet (AKA the CliffsNotes version) and a free copy of “Write Your Book on the Side” to help you publish that baby even if you’re busy AF and have no idea where to start. What are you waiting for? Grab your copy now, before we change our minds and start charging for these goodies.”

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