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Insumo – unique Magic Planner AI assistant, integrate with Google Calendar, Asana, and Todoist

ADHD brain planner streamlines task management and time tracking, featuring the unique Magic Planner AI assistant. With seamless integration with Google Calendar, Asan...


Introduce Insumo

Insumo is a personalized productivity assistant that helps users enhance their productivity and reach their goals. The web app, located at, offers features such as time blocking, habit tracking, and to-do list integrations. Users can sign up for a free account and log in to start using the platform [1].

App of Insumo

Additionally, Insumo has a presence on LinkedIn with 2263 followers, where it emphasizes that users are their biggest projects and offers personalized productivity assistance [2].

For iOS users, Insumo is available as an app called “Insumo Habit Tracker, Remind” [3]. The app provides calendar and to-do list integrations, making it an all-in-one productivity and habit tracking solution.

Insumo also hosts bi-monthly podcasts called “Insumo Habit Talks” that focus on habit building [4].

It’s important to note that some of the search results are unrelated to the productivity app and pertain to different subjects, such as the “Pineapple” app, a professional network for Gen Z [5], and “Vantage Specialty Chemicals,” a manufacturer and formulator specializing in custom solutions [7].

Insights of Insumo

Insumo seems to be a comprehensive productivity tool that incorporates various features to aid users in managing their time and building productive habits. With a focus on time blocking, habit tracking, and personalized assistance, the platform aims to help individuals increase their productivity and achieve their goals. The inclusion of integrations with calendars and to-do lists makes it a convenient all-in-one solution for improving productivity. For those seeking insights into habit building, the “Insumo Habit Talks” podcast may offer valuable tips and strategies.

However, users should be aware that there are unrelated search results for “Pineapple,” which is a professional network for Gen Z, and “Vantage Specialty Chemicals,” a company offering custom solutions for niche applications. Therefore, when searching for Insumo, it is essential to focus on the relevant results related to the productivity app.

Insumo - unique Magic Planner AI assistant, integrate with Google Calendar, Asana, and Todoist