About Tencent ARC Lab

Tencent ARC Lab explores the cutting-edge technologies of intelligent media

Our Mission

Applied Research Center (ARC) develops the cutting-edge technology of intelligent media, and aims to be a world-class research center. ARC empowers Tencent PCG, a large business group running Tencent social media, information feed, search, and content platforms, which require almost all the technics regarding artificial intelligence and big data. Benefited from these demands, ARC advantages in research breadth, depth, and industry integration.

Team Introduction

Since its establishment in early 2019, ARC has attracted a number of talents from top universities and international companies, who have published top academic articles as well as international patents. Through university cooperation, internship, innovation project, etc., ARC has also gathered a group of outstanding interns. ARC aims to recruit the best researchers to do the frontier and applicable researches.

Mechanisms and Areas

Tencent ARC Lab mainly focuses on areas of computer vision, speech, and natural language processing, which include speech/video generation, enhancement, retrieval, understanding, AutoML, etc. Considering project needs and industry trends, ARC consistently pursues exploration, innovation, and breakthroughs in technologies.

Tencent ARC Lab