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Arcwise AI – enhance the functionality of Google Sheets

using GPT enhance the functionality of Google Sheets


Arcwise AI Overview

Arcwise AI is an innovative tool designed to enhance the functionality of Google Sheets. It acts as a copilot, utilizing GPT technology to assist users with various data-related tasks.

By integrating with existing spreadsheets, Arcwise AI facilitates the use of formulas and the creation of reports.

Users can leverage its capabilities to explain, transform, and ingest data, similar to the AI behind ChatGPT. Notably, it can handle large datasets with billions of rows, addressing common issues faced when working with extensive spreadsheets.

Arcwise AI is offered by Archimedes Labs, Inc., and it is accessible through their website [1].

During the early access phase, the tool is free to use, with data privacy being a priority – only prompts are stored, not user data [4]. It is designed to make Python, SQL, and machine learning accessible to a wide range of users through a low-code platform for data apps [7].

Overall, Arcwise AI streamlines data manipulation tasks in Google Sheets, offering a user-friendly and efficient solution for data processing and analysis.


Arcwise AI - enhance the functionality of Google Sheets

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