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Meet Zoom AI Companion, your new AI assistant

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Key Points: Zoom releases conference AI assistant tool, Zoom AI Companion can help you hold meetings

Zoom AI Companion: Your Productivity AI Assistant

Zoom AI Companion is an AI assistant designed to enhance productivity, collaboration, and skill development. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Productivity and Collaboration: Zoom AI Companion helps users be more productive and collaborate effectively with teammates. It offers features to streamline various tasks and interactions within the Zoom platform[1].

2. Evolution of Zoom IQ: Zoom IQ has evolved into a smart companion designed to empower collaboration. This development is part of Zoom’s efforts to enhance its AI capabilities[2].

3. Benefits for Paid Zoom Accounts: Zoom AI Companion is available to users with paid Zoom accounts, unlocking its full benefits. It serves as a digital assistant that adds value to Zoom’s paid services[7].

4. Key Features: Zoom’s AI assistant can help draft emails and chat messages, summarize meetings and chat threads, and make brainstorming sessions more engaging and productive[8].

5. Multilingual Information: Information about Zoom AI Companion is available in both English and Japanese, catering to a global audience[4].

6. AI Data Usage Policy: Zoom updated its terms of service to clarify that it does not use users’ audio, video, chat, screen sharing, or attachments for AI purposes, ensuring data privacy[5].

In summary, Zoom AI Companion is a valuable AI assistant integrated into the Zoom platform, offering enhanced productivity, collaboration, and skill development features. It is available to paid Zoom users and continues to evolve to meet users’ needs. Data privacy is also a priority, with clear policies in place regarding AI data usage.

Meet Zoom AI Companion, your new AI assistant

Meet Zoom AI Companion, your new AI assistant! Unlock the benefits with a paid Zoom account