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BuildChatbot – A No-Code Chatbot Builder

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BuildChatbot – A No-Code Chatbot Builder

Build Chatbot is an innovative no-code chatbot effortlessly extracts data from diverse formats including audio, and video, using them to auto-train bots for precise responses. This saves time and boosts engagement, potentially increasing conversions by 40%. With a user-friendly interface, Build Chatbot ensures an efficient, responsive, and satisfying online experience, making it a valuable tool for businesses and individuals. Register for Free. Currently used on over 5K websites globally.

You can explore more about BuildChatbot and its features on their official website at

Features and Benefits

  1. No-Code AI Chatbot Development: BuildChatbot allows both businesses and individuals to create chatbots without the need for coding expertise.
  2. Free Plan: If you’re interested in trying out BuildChatbot, they offer a free plan that lets you experience its basic features at no cost. We also provide a freemium plan that includes one chatbot, an allowance of 6 chats per month, and a character limit of 10,000 characters.

Additional Information

  • FAQs: If you have questions about how BuildChatbot works or need guidance, you can visit their FAQ page at
  • Terms of Service: The terms and conditions governing the use of BuildChatbot can be found on their website at
  • Privacy Policy: To understand how BuildChatbot collects, uses, stores, and discloses data, you can review their Privacy Policy at
  • Refund Policy: BuildChatbot’s refund policy outlines its terms and conditions, and it’s important to note that there are no refunds available.


BuildChatbot appears to be a user-friendly platform for creating chatbots without the need for coding. It’s suitable for businesses and individuals looking to implement chatbots in their operations. The availability of a free plan allows users to test the platform’s capabilities before committing to a premium plan. However, users should carefully review the terms of service and refund policy before making any decisions.

BuildChatbot - A No-Code Chatbot Builder

BuildChatbot - A No-Code Chatbot Builder