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CasePacer: Legal Case Management Software

The software that top plaintiff law firms trust. Help plaintiff, personal injury, and mass tort firms focus on what’s important.


CasePacer: Legal Case Management Software

CasePacer is a comprehensive legal case management software designed to assist law firms in serving their clients efficiently and growing their practices.

Features and Benefits

Here’s a brief overview:

About CasePacer

CasePacer started with the idea of harnessing technology to benefit plaintiff, personal injury, and mass tort law firms. It provides a modern and simplified collaborative case management solution, allowing legal teams to streamline their workflow and enhance client service.

Key Features

  • Document Creation: CasePacer automates time-saving document creation, reducing manual work.
  • Collaboration: It enables teams to focus, communicate, and collaborate effectively on case details.


CasePacer offers unique pricing models, including case-based pricing and unlimited users, to modernize case management software.

Benefits for Mass Tort Cases

CasePacer is customized to meet the unique needs of mass tort cases and law firms. It simplifies data organization for mass tort cases, making it easier for legal professionals to manage complex litigation.

Testimonials and Resources

Law firms, such as the Frantz Law Group, have extensively used CasePacer in their mass tort practice, showcasing its effectiveness. Helpful videos and additional resources are available to help law firms stay up-to-date with the latest features and content related to personal injury and mass tort law.


If you’re in the legal field and looking for a comprehensive case management solution to improve your efficiency and client service, CasePacer is worth exploring. It caters to various types of law firms and offers modern tools to streamline your workflow.

Please visit the official CasePacer website for more detailed information and to request a personalized demo.

CasePacer: Legal Case Management Software

CasePacer: Legal Case Management Software