ChatRealtor-AI chatbot builder for Real Estate

ChatRealtor is an AI chatbot builder designed specifically for Realtors.

Features and Benefits

It helps real estate agents engage leads and schedule appointments.

ChatRealtor can be integrated into a Realtor’s website and is capable of syncing data from property listing websites like Zillow.

This tool is especially useful for busy real estate professionals looking for an easier way to manage customer interactions and appointments.

Additionally, ChatRealtor is an AI-powered chatbot that can engage leads and schedule appointments instantly, offering seamless integration with realtors’ workflows.

It offers both a free trial and subscription-based pricing plans.

Pricing Plan

The availability of a free trial allows realtors to test its capabilities before committing to a subscription plan, making it a low-risk option for those interested in improving their real estate business operations.


ChatRealtor seems to be a valuable tool tailored to the real estate industry. It leverages AI chatbots to streamline lead engagement and appointment scheduling, which can be time-consuming for realtors. By integrating with property listing websites like Zillow, it can help real estate professionals stay on top of their customer interactions and appointments, potentially leading to increased efficiency and improved customer service.

ChatRealtor-AI chatbot builder for Real Estate

ChatRealtor-AI chatbot builder for Real Estate