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Chatwebby: Customized AI Chatbot Builder

ChatWebby AI is a versatile AI chatbot builder that transforms websites, documents, audio, videos, and more into interactive chatbots. This no-code platform seamlessly...


Chatwebby: Customized AI Chatbot Builder

Chatwebby is an AI chatbot builder that offers customized AI chatbots for various purposes, including superior customer support and lead generation on websites[1]. It allows you to create chatbots effortlessly using your content, such as web content, documents, videos, text, and FAQs.

Here are some key features and information about Chatwebby:

  1. Pricing Options: Chatwebby offers pricing plans that include creating one chatbot, 40 reply credits per month, the ability to train chatbots through YouTube videos, and support for up to 500,000 characters per chatbot[2]. Additional features like extra chatbots and removing ChatWebby branding are available for a fee[9].
  2. Sign-In and Registration: Users can sign in to Chatwebby using their Google account or email and password[3]. If you’re not registered yet, you can create an account on the platform.
  3. Roadmap: Chatwebby has a roadmap that includes features like audio data source support, MP3, MP4, M4A audio file compatibility, video data sources, and plans for live chatbots and human chat support[4]. This suggests ongoing development and improvements to the platform.
  4. Integration: Chatwebby allows you to add various types of content to your chatbots, such as website content, documents, audios, videos, text, and FAQs[5]. This flexibility enables you to tailor your chatbot to your specific needs.
  5. Reviews and Ratings: Chatwebby has received positive reviews, with a 5-star rating on Product Hunt and mentions on platforms like SaaSworthy[6][7]. Users appreciate its innovative approach to chatbot building without requiring coding knowledge.
  6. Community: Chatwebby is mentioned on Steemhunt, a platform for discovering and discussing products, indicating its presence and interest within the technology community[10].

In summary

Chatwebby is a user-friendly AI chatbot builder that empowers users to create customized chatbots for their websites and other platforms. Its features, pricing plans, and ongoing development make it a valuable tool for businesses looking to enhance customer support and lead generation through AI-driven interactions.

Chatwebby: Customized AI Chatbot Builder

Chatwebby: Customized AI Chatbot Builder