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Clay HQ- The first AI navigator for your entire network

The first AI navigator for your entire network


Clay – Enhance Communication and Relationship-Building

Clay is a powerful tool designed to revolutionize communication and relationship-building processes. Acting as a personal CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, Clay empowers users to create stronger connections and foster meaningful interactions.

Elevate Communication with Personal CRM

Clay serves as a comprehensive solution for enhancing communication by allowing users to take notes before, during, and after conversations with individuals. Its advanced features enable users to remember crucial details such as names and itineraries, ensuring thoughtful and connected interactions.

Choose the Right Version for You

Clay offers different versions tailored to your needs:

  • Clay Personal: Unlock the power of personalized CRM for individuals.
  • Clay Pro: Access advanced benefits like unlimited search history and VIP support.

Accessible and Convenient Interface

Clay’s user-friendly interface is available for both macOS and Windows, allowing easy access from your taskbar or dock. Seamlessly manage your connections and interactions with efficiency.

Integrate and Connect

Clay offers integration with various platforms including calendars, email, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. It serves as your private alternative to LinkedIn, providing a personal rolodex for enhanced networking.

Introducing Nexus: Elevate Networking with AI

Experience the power of Clay’s Nexus, a collaborative partner that combines artificial intelligence with Clay’s capabilities. Navigate your network more effectively with this innovative feature.

Privacy and Security at the Core

Clay prioritizes your privacy and security. You have control over your account information, and concerns are promptly addressed through channels like email and support articles.

Stay Updated with Clay

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Elevate Your Connections with Clay

Discover the future of communication and relationship-building with Clay. Elevate your connections, enhance interactions, and build meaningful relationships with ease.

Clay HQ- The first AI navigator for your entire network Clay HQ- The first AI navigator for your entire network