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Enterpret-Transform customer feedback into product growth

Enterpret revolutionizes customer feedback by unifying data sources and crafting adaptive AI models tailored to your feedback ecosystem. It extracts precise insights f...


Enterpret, AI help from feedback to growth

Enterpret is a company that specializes in transforming customer feedback into insights to help businesses improve their products and services. They use adaptive AI models to centralize and analyze customer feedback, making it easier for teams to make data-driven decisions.

  • They offer solutions for various teams, including product teams and leadership teams. For product teams, Enterpret can compress information from qualitative feedback sources, helping them make decisions that lead to product improvements and solve customer pain points [5]. Leadership teams can use Enterpret to align their organization around a single source of truth for insights into growth opportunities and important problems to solve.
  • Enterpret offers integrations with various apps to build a unified source of feedback data. The pricing for Enterpret varies based on data volume and the integrations required.

For more information about Enterpret, you can visit their website at

My insights: Enterpret’s focus on using AI to extract insights from customer feedback can be valuable for businesses looking to enhance their products and services based on customer input. Their solutions cater to different teams within an organization, making it a versatile tool for improving overall customer satisfaction and product quality. The ability to integrate with various apps and their flexible pricing structure adds to their appeal for businesses of different sizes and needs.

Enterpret-Transform customer feedback into product growth