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EverSQL – AI-Powered SQL Query Optimization

EverSQL is an AI-powered PostgreSQL & MySQL database and SQL queries optimizer. 100,000+ engineers use EverSQL to monitor and optimize SQL queries, directly from t...


Introduction:EverSQL – AI-Powered SQL Query Optimization

EverSQL is an AI-powered tool dedicated to optimizing SQL queries and databases. It caters to both MySQL and PostgreSQL databases and is utilized by over 100,000 engineers. The platform offers automatic query optimization, enabling users to effectively monitor and enhance SQL queries for improved performance.

Features and Functionalities

EverSQL provides a range of functionalities to assist developers and database administrators:

  • Automatic Query Optimization: Enhances SQL query performance by analyzing and optimizing sluggish queries.
  • SQL Validator: Syntax checking and validation for MySQL SQL statements using the EverSQL Validator.
  • SQL Formatter: The EverSQL Formatter improves query readability by adding spaces, tabs, and newlines.
  • Database Integration: Insights into query and schema inefficiencies for performance enhancement.
  • EverSQL Sensor: Detects and locates corrupted indexes in MySQL databases.

These features collectively contribute to optimizing database performance and user experience.

User Base and Integration

EverSQL caters to engineers and database administrators, offering automatic optimization for MySQL, MariaDB, and PerconaDB queries. Its integration with databases provides insights into inefficiencies, leading to opportunities for performance enhancement.

Blog and Updates

The EverSQL blog showcases updates and features related to SQL query and database optimization. It highlights unconventional uses of Chat-GPT for text-to-SQL and SQL queries, showcasing the platform’s versatility.


EverSQL - AI-Powered SQL Query Optimization