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Fillout – user-friendly AI-powered form builder


Fillout is a user-friendly AI-powered form builder that allows users to create customizable forms easily. With an intuitive no-code editor and AI assistance, users can customize forms, and generate brand-matching images and themes. Moreover, Fillout’s AI automatically updates forms as needed. The tool is free to use, offering unlimited forms and 1000 submissions per month.

Fillout is a robust platform designed to help users create impactful forms, surveys, and quizzes to engage with their audience. This tool simplifies the process of generating web forms without requiring any coding knowledge.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Versatile Form Building: Users can create various types of forms tailored to their needs.
  • Easy Styling: Forms’ aesthetics can be matched to users’ brand using styling options.
  • Conditional Logic: Dynamic and interactive forms can be built with powerful conditional logic.
  • Direct Data Storage: Responses collected through Fillout can be stored where needed.
  • Integration with Airtable: Seamlessly integrates with Airtable to enhance form capabilities.
  • No-Code Solution: Form creation doesn’t require coding skills.
  • Embedding Options: Forms can be easily embedded on websites or shared across platforms.


Notable alternatives to Fillout include Tally, Jotform, Paperform, Beau, and Feathery.

Fillout’s Impact

Fillout transforms the process of web data collection, offering an intuitive form-building experience. Its integration with Airtable adds further value, making it a suitable choice for individuals and businesses looking to streamline data collection and engagement.


Fillout is a powerful tool for generating forms, surveys, and quizzes. With simplicity, customization options, and integration capabilities with platforms like Airtable, it effectively facilitates efficient data collection and interaction.


Fillout - user-friendly AI-powered form builder Fillout - user-friendly AI-powered form builder Fillout - user-friendly AI-powered form builder Fillout - user-friendly AI-powered form builder