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FineShare – Create & Connect Anywhere

FineShare is a software development company dedicated to creating innovative solutions like FineCam and FineVoice that enable users to unleash their creativity and enhance their connections, regardless of their location. They offer an online voice changer as well.

FineShare Singify is a free AI song cover generator that allows you to quickly create high-quality AI covers with your favorite voices. With only three steps, you can transform your favorite songs into over 100 different high-quality singing versions. The platform offers a range of AI voice models, including Plankton AI, Jennie AI, Stella AI, Taylor Swift AI, and Ariana Grande AI, giving you the option to create unique AI music with different voices. The service is designed to help music fans and creators produce impressive AI-generated covers easily.

FineShare -free Create AI Voice, AI song cover Voices

How to Make An AI Cover Song Quickly

This online tool has three built-in ways to make song covers: search for the songs, upload audio files, and record directly. There’s no skill threshold and you don’t even have to leave the app, just one click, and you can start making song covers from anywhere at any time. All your requirements for the diversity and convenience of music creation will be perfectly satisfied.

FineShare -free Create AI Voice, AI song cover


Features and Benefits

  • FineCam: FineCam is an AI virtual camera designed to make video production easier and more efficient. It leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence deep learning models and works seamlessly with popular video calling and streaming apps. It is available for purchase at $59.00 with a 60-day return policy.
  • FineVoice: FineShare FineVoice is a versatile AI voice studio that helps users change their voice, record voice, generate lifelike voiceovers for content, and transcribe recordings. This tool offers a wide range of voice-related features, making it a valuable resource for content creators and voice enthusiasts.
  • Online Voice Changer: FineShare provides an online voice changer that allows users to modify their voices, adding a fun and creative element to their audio content. This feature can be useful for entertainment purposes and personalization.
  • What’s more, the library of more than 100 unique AI voice models (which keeps updating regularly) covers all kinds of music types and styles, including singers, rappers, celebrities, cartoon characters, fictional figures, etc. Every model is well-trained to provide realistic and moving song cover effects, so users can get the best audio quality that is almost indistinguishable from the voice model archetype.
  • Another distinctive part of FineShare Singify is that its AI Song Cover feature is free to use, which makes music creation accessible for everyone, so they can fully release creativity and create their own music works. What are you waiting for? Start creating your own AI Song Cover right now!


The FineShare Singify platform is a valuable tool for music enthusiasts and content creators looking to experiment with AI-generated music covers. With a variety of AI voice models available, users can reimagine their favorite songs in different ways, adding a unique touch to their creations.

The FineCam AI virtual camera further expands FineShare’s offerings, contributing to the creation of compelling video content for various purposes. As AI continues to play a significant role in creative industries, platforms like FineShare Singify provide accessible avenues for individuals to explore and integrate AI technology into their artistic endeavors.


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FineShare -free Create AI Voice, AI song cover