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Hyperaide-Supabase for the AI layer

Get the AI layer setup in minutes, with managed prompts, functions and vector storage.


Introduction Hyperaide

Hyperaide is a platform for building AI applications, offering a straightforward interface for creating and managing prompts [7]. It aims to simplify AI development with managed prompts, functions, and vector storage [1]. Hyperaide is designed to streamline the process of working with AI models, including OpenAI’s text-embedding-ada-002 model [2].

Hyperaide provides a platform for AI-first applications, offering instant APIs for app AI integration. Described as “Supabase for the AI layer”, it simplifies AI application creation with built-in analytics. Ideal for developers seeking rapid AI implementation.

Features and Benefits

  • Managed Prompts: Hyperaide provides a user-friendly environment for creating and managing prompts, making it easier to interact with AI models [1][7].
  • Vector Boxes: Users can automatically embed text into vector boxes, powered by OpenAI’s text-embedding-ada-002 model. This feature enhances text processing capabilities [2].
  • Development Resources: Hyperaide offers development documentation to assist users in setting up and using the platform effectively [9][10].


Hyperaide is an AI application development platform known for its user-friendly prompt management interface and text embedding capabilities. It simplifies the process of working with AI models, making it a valuable resource for developers.


Hyperaide appears to be a tool aimed at simplifying AI development by providing a streamlined platform for working with AI models. The emphasis on prompt management and text embedding can be particularly useful for developers looking to integrate AI into their applications. It’s worth exploring the platform’s documentation for more in-depth insights into its capabilities and how it can be leveraged for AI development.


Hyperaide-Supabase for the AI layer Hyperaide-Supabase for the AI layer