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Inkey is every student's personal AI Tutor. Students can write essays, get help with homework, math word problems, and writing emails, and it also helps build resumes.


Introduction is a powerful platform designed for students, offering a range of AI-powered tools for essay writing, paraphrasing, summarizing, and more. It simplifies the process of generating educational materials for essays and writing projects, making it a valuable resource for students. serves as a dedicated AI Tutor, catering to students’ individual needs. offers comprehensive assistance in various areas, such as essay writing, homework guidance, math word problem-solving, email writing, and resume building.

Features and Benefits

  1. AI Essay Writer:’s AI Essay Writer is a remarkable tool that enables students to effortlessly generate comprehensive essays. It enhances writing skills and streamlines research, making essay writing more efficient and effective.
  2. Diverse AI Tools: offers over 20 AI writing tools, including essay generators, paraphrasers, and summarizers. These tools help students improve their writing and productivity, making academic tasks more manageable.
  3. Free Access: provides free access to its platform, and no credit card is required to get started. This accessibility makes it an excellent choice for students on a budget, ensuring that high-quality AI-assisted writing is available to all.

Summary is a student-focused platform that leverages AI to simplify essay writing and enhance academic productivity. It offers a wide range of AI tools, including an AI Essay Writer, making it a valuable resource for students looking to improve their writing skills and streamline their research process.

Insights’s commitment to providing free access to its AI tools ensures that students from various backgrounds can benefit from these resources. Additionally, the platform’s emphasis on enhancing writing skills aligns with the needs of students striving for academic excellence.


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