Instructio – create clear and beautiful guides in minutes

Instructio is an online too...


Instructio allows you to create clear and beautiful step-by-step guides in minutes. You can use the editor to manually create and customize guides by adding images and videos, fonts and design styles. But you can also automate the process of creating instructions using an extension for Chrome.

Features and Benefits of Instructio

Instructio is a user-friendly online tool for creating product guides and instructions, offering efficient sharing options and versatile applications across different industries.

  • There is no “editing” mode: the guide can always be improved or corrected, it looks like a finished document. Straightaway.
  • Adding images, videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Loom
  • Code syntax highlighting for developers
  • Sharing the link is safe, the guide content is not indexed by search engines
  • Exporting the finished guide to PDF allows you to use it offline, for example, for printing
  • Color schemes and fonts (Inter, Lora, Ubuntu etc) will allow you to design any guide as if it was created by a designer
  • Presentation mode allows you to use the guide, hiding unnecessary elements. This works well for zoom calls and demos.