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A personal AI chatbot that uses the latest AI technology to automate and speed up the work of your customer support team.



ChatGPT-based platform that generates auto-responses to customer support inquiries using AI vector database and previous requests as a source. It can use data from CRM, HTML code, PDF documents, tables, and other document types. ioni provides multi-lingual and multi-channel support and has the ability to learn from existing tickets. – the best tools of customer support with ChatGPT-4 – Customer Support Chatbot Solution offers a state-of-the-art AI chatbot, designed to revolutionize customer support processes. This advanced chatbot employs cutting-edge AI technology to automate and expedite the operations of customer support teams. By utilizing auto-responding capabilities, the chatbot enhances response times and customer experiences while reducing costs associated with human agents. The AI ticket assistant efficiently resolves customer queries, streamlining the support process and improving overall efficiency. This solution is positioned to transform the landscape of customer support by blending AI-guided assistance with the human touch, making it a valuable asset for businesses seeking to optimize their support operations. - the best tools of customer services with ChatGPT-4

User Experience and Product Features

Automate customer service and bring its efficiency to a new level

  • AI Assistant – Get ‘ready to send’ draft or instruct AI briefly on what you want to say to get an extended answer. Learn more
  • AI Chatbot – Automatically resolve typical customer inquiries with AI, just as human agents do. Learn more
  • AI Search – Search that provides genuine results for any queries. Learn more
  • AI Widget Builder – Create your personalized AI Chatbot Widget in a couple of clicks. Learn more
  • AI Conversation Analytics – Improve CSAT score by analyzing AI conversations with customers. Learn more
  • Chatbot to Human – Transfer your customer from AI chatbot to a human agent whenever needed. Learn more - the best tools of customer services with ChatGPT-4

Pricing plans

Use ioni for free with your whole team. Upgrade to enable unlimited issues, enhanced security controls, and additional features. - the best tools of customer services with ChatGPT-4