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An interactive platform to unify and access your data

标签: – Seamlessly Connect Your Apps and Find Data Instantly is a platform that offers seamless integration of all your apps and enables you to find the data you need instantly. It provides a unified search experience, making it easier for users to access and manage information across various applications and sources.

Klu Pricing for Individuals

For individuals who want to try out Klu, the pricing includes a free plan with limited features. This free plan includes 2 integrations, 2 Ask AI queries, 3 chat file uploads per day, and limited pins and filters.

Klu Google Chrome Extension

Klu offers a Google Chrome extension that allows users to access their data directly in their browser. With this extension, you can perform searches, engage in chats, and access information without the need to switch between tabs.

Sharing and Collaboration with Klu

Klu emphasizes the importance of sharing information to boost productivity and teamwork. The platform makes it straightforward for users to save and share their discoveries, facilitating knowledge management and collaboration within teams. - Seamlessly Connect Your Apps and Find Data Instantly

Insights: is a platform designed to streamline data access and management by integrating various apps and sources into a unified search experience. It emphasizes collaboration, privacy, and security, making it a potentially valuable tool for individuals and teams looking to improve productivity and information sharing. Users can take advantage of a free plan to try out Klu’s features, and there is a Google Chrome extension for convenient access to data in the browser. Before using the platform, it’s important to review the terms of service and privacy policy to understand how user data is handled and protected. - Seamlessly Connect Your Apps and Find Data Instantly