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Knibble- AI-powered knowledge base and Custom AI Chatbot - Your AI powered knowledge base, powered by ChatGPT. Custom AI chatbot and Notion Widget

标签: is an AI-powered knowledge base and chatbot service

Knibble offers various features to enhance information access and collaboration. Here’s a breakdown of what offers:

  1. AI-Powered Knowledge Base: serves as an intelligent knowledge assistant powered by ChatGPT. It allows you to create a knowledge base that provides instant answers to questions, making it easier to access information efficiently and quickly .
  2. Customizable Chatbots: offers customizable chatbots that can be integrated into your website or apps. These chatbots enable interactive communication with users and can be tailored to meet your specific needs, enhancing user engagement and support .
  3. Acceptance of Terms: When using services, it’s important to note that you agree to their terms and conditions, which constitute a binding agreement between you and Make sure to review these terms if you plan to use their services .
  4. Flexible Pricing: offers flexible pricing options, including both freemium and subscription models. The basic (free) plan includes features for one project and 50MB of storage, making it accessible for small-scale usage.
  5. Privacy Policy: To understand how handles your data and user information, it’s important to review their privacy policy. This document outlines their data protection and handling practices .
  6. Product Information and Updates: has received positive reviews and ratings, with users finding it valuable for business productivity and knowledge sharing. You can find more information and updates on their product on platforms like Product Hunt .

In summary, offers AI-powered knowledge base and chatbot solutions that can be customized to meet your specific needs. It’s essential to review their terms of service and privacy policy if you plan to use their services, and they offer both free and subscription-based pricing options to accommodate various usage levels.

Knibble- AI-powered knowledge base and Custom AI Chatbot

Knibble- AI-powered knowledge base and Custom AI Chatbot