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Kyligence Zen is AI-powered self-service analytics gives you an AI copilot for your data and metrics. Discover new insights and improve decision-making. Try it today!


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Kyligence: Revolutionize Your Analytics with AI-Powered Metrics Platform

Kyligence is a company that offers an AI-powered metrics platform designed to revolutionize analytics for businesses. Their platform, called Kyligence Zen, provides a low-code solution for defining, collecting, and analyzing business metrics.

Key points about Kyligence:

  1. Kyligence Zen: Kyligence Zen is the primary product offered by Kyligence. It is a low-code metrics platform that allows users to quickly connect their data sources and define business metrics. This platform is designed to streamline the analytics process and make it more accessible to businesses[1].
  2. Common Data Language: Kyligence also offers a metrics catalog that helps organizations build a common data language across multiple business units. This can enhance communication and collaboration within an organization when it comes to data and analytics[2].
  3. Retail Analytics: Kyligence provides a Big Data platform tailored for retail businesses. This platform enables retailers to centralize and manage large volumes of data for augmented analytics, allowing them to analyze customer data on a petabyte scale[4].
  4. Enterprise Solutions: Kyligence serves enterprises looking to simplify multidimensional analysis based on extensive datasets. Their solutions are suitable for on-premise, public cloud, and private cloud environments[5].
  5. Cloud-Native Architecture: Kyligence offers a cloud-native architecture that enables powerful OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) of massive datasets in the cloud. This helps business users generate instant insights from their data, regardless of location[6].
  6. Contact Information: For inquiries or contact, Kyligence is located in San Jose, California, and can be reached at +1 (669) 256-3378 or [email protected][7].
  7. News and Updates: Kyligence maintains a newsroom and a blog where they provide updates, articles, and news related to big data analytics and their products[9][10].

In summary

Kyligence is a company that specializes in AI-powered metrics platforms, with a focus on helping businesses streamline their analytics processes and make data-driven decisions. Their products cater to various industries, including retail, and offer solutions for both on-premise and cloud-based analytics.

Revolutionize Your Analytics with Our AI