Data Analysis


Steve can analyze your data, create graphs, perform statistical analysis and more! Upload a CSV or Excel file with any data you’d like and start asking Steve questions...


Key Points: Latentspace, Data analysis Assistant , Data Science , data Analytics , Excel, CSV, Database is a platform that offers AI-powered data analysis and assistance.

Here’s a breakdown of the information available:

  1. This is the official website of It provides a Data Assistant named Steve that can help with instant data answers without requiring assistance from a data team. You can access it at [1].
  2. AI Data Analyst: offers an AI data analyst that can assist you in creating reports, graphs, insights, and more with just one click. You can connect your analytics to this AI for data analysis. You can access this service at [2].
  3. About LatentSpace: This page provides information about LatentSpace, describing it as a platform designed to facilitate the visualization, exploration, and understanding of data in a user-friendly and intuitive way. You can learn more at [3].
  4. Terms of Use: The Terms of Use for are available at [4].
  5. FAQ: The FAQ section provides answers to common questions about LatentSpace’s AI data analyst service. You can find it at [5].
  6. Privacy Policy: has a Privacy Policy explaining how they collect, store, use, and share data. You can review it at [6].
  7. Feedback: If you have feedback about the AI data analyst service, you can provide it at [7].
  8. Y Combinator Launch: is associated with Y Combinator and is described as an AI data assistant that helps with spreadsheet work. You can find more information about it at [8].
  9. LinkedIn Company Profile: There is also a LinkedIn profile for, indicating that it is in the software development industry with 2-10 employees and is headquartered in London. You can check it out at [9].

In summary is a platform that offers AI data analysis and assistance, making it easier and faster to work with data, especially in spreadsheet tasks. It provides services such as instant data answers, report generation, and data visualization. You can find more details and access these services through their official website.