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AutoGPT-Open Source AI Assistant Available To Everyone

Auto-GPT Official Website.


Auto-GPT: Open Source AI Assistant Available To Everyone

auto gpt official website is

Auto-GPT is an experimental open-source application that showcases the capabilities of the GPT-4 language model. It utilizes GPT-4 and combines various Language Model (LLM) capabilities.

Features and Releases:

  • Auto-GPT v0.4.7 introduces initial REST API support powered by e2b’s agent protocol SDK. It also includes enhancements to prompt generation and support for various functionalities.
  • Auto-GPT 0.4.1 now supports plugins. Users can clone or download plugins from GitHub and integrate them into the application.

Benchmarking Performance:

The “Auto-GPT-Benchmarks” repository is designed for benchmarking the performance of agents, regardless of their setup and functionality.

Build Your Own Auto-GPT:

“Auto-GPT-Forge” enables users to create their own AI agents. It provides a platform to explore Auto-GPT creation and become the creator of an AI agent.

Documentation and Community:

  • A dedicated wiki provides information about the project’s attempt to make GPT-4 fully autonomous.
  • Discussions related to Auto-GPT take place in the GitHub Discussions forum within the General category.

Test Cassettes and Comparisons:

  • The “Auto-GPT-test-cassettes” repository stores cassettes used by the Auto-GPT test suite.
  • Changes across branches, commits, tags, and more can be compared in the Auto-GPT GitHub repository.


Auto-GPT is a significant open-source project that leverages GPT-4’s capabilities. It offers REST API support, plugin integration, and a benchmarking platform. Auto-GPT-Forge allows users to experiment with building AI agents. Documentation and community discussions enhance collaboration. Overall, Auto-GPT is a valuable platform for exploring and expanding AI language model capabilities.


Download from auto gpt official website.

AutoGPT-Open Source AI Assistant Available To Everyone