AI Chatbot & AssistantMarketing and Sales Your Leads with AI Sales Assistant – AI Sales Assistant for your website is an AI sales assistant designed for websites. It offers the power of a ChatGPT-like assistant without requiring any coding skills. With, you can start engaging and converting leads on your website in just 3 minutes, and it even offers a free starter plan.

  • is a designated AI Sales Assistant aimed at doubling website conversions. Powered by GPT-4, it allows quick training, customising and embedding in a matter of minutes.
  • Simply create an account, train the chat on your data, set the conversion goals, and watch it convert leads!
  • Get the power of a ChatGPT-like assistant for your website without any coding.

Summary is a user-friendly AI sales assistant that helps websites engage and convert leads effortlessly. With its ChatGPT-like features and no-coding requirement, it’s a valuable tool for businesses looking to enhance their online presence and increase revenue.

References Your Leads with AI Sales Assistant Your Leads with AI Sales Assistant

Features and Benefits of Your Leads with AI Sales Assistant

  • ChatGPT-like Assistant: provides a ChatGPT-like assistant for your website, enabling real-time interactions with visitors.
  • No Coding Required: You can use without any coding skills, making it accessible to a wide range of users.
  • Lead Conversion: The AI-powered technology, GPT-4, helps you increase website conversions by up to 2x, making it an effective tool for boosting sales and engagement.

User Cases of Your Leads with AI Sales Assistant

Instant replies

Consumers are 78% more likely to make a purchase from the company that responds first. That’s why we use AI to respond instantly so you can close more deals with less effort.
Create an AI Assistant in 3 minutes. Share or embed it anywhere
Answer visitors questions in seconds
Maximize website engagement

Qualify & Convert automatically qualifies website visitors, based on your pre-set business criteria. Once a visitor is qualified, our AI Sales Assistants converts them into a meeting.
Qualify potential leads based on your businesses criterias
Convert at the right moment
Enhance the customer journey