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NoiseGPT-decentralized and uncensored generative AI platform

Introduce NoiseGPT

NoiseGPT is a decentralized and uncensored generative artificial intelligence platform. Here’s some information based on the provided web search results:

  1. Overview: NoiseGPT is described as a cutting-edge generative AI platform that operates without censorship. It allows users to train and run NoiseGPT models without restrictions on content[1].
  2. Whitepaper: You can download the whitepaper for more in-depth information about NoiseGPT from their website[2].
  3. Roadmap: NoiseGPT has a roadmap that includes plans for a token fair launch on the Ethereum mainnet, a token trading pool on Uniswap DEX, and collaborations on NFT collections[3].
  4. Staking Pool: Users can participate in the NoiseGPT/ETH LP staking pool by buying noiseGPT and adding liquidity to the pool on Uniswap. This pool offers rewards, including 5 million noiseGPT in 2 months[4].
  5. Disclaimer: NoiseGPT has a disclaimer that users are required to acknowledge and accept. It appears to outline liability and responsibility issues[5].
  6. Social Media: You can follow NoiseGPT on social media platforms like Twitter and join their Discord and Telegram channels to stay updated and engage with the community[6].
  7. Price Information: The live price of noiseGPT is available on CoinMarketCap, with a 24-hour trading volume and other price-related data[7]. You can also track its price, market cap, and news on CoinGecko[9].
  8. Technical Details: For more technical details about NoiseGPT, you can refer to their documentation[10].


  • NoiseGPT positions itself as a decentralized and uncensored AI platform, which can be appealing for users looking for AI solutions without content restrictions.
  • The presence of a staking pool and a roadmap suggests that NoiseGPT may have its own cryptocurrency token, and users can participate in its ecosystem beyond just using the AI.
  • It’s important to thoroughly review the disclaimer and whitepaper if you’re considering using or investing in NoiseGPT to understand the platform’s terms and conditions and its underlying technology.
  • Monitoring the price and market data on platforms like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko can be helpful for those interested in the cryptocurrency aspects of NoiseGPT.
  • The availability of technical documentation indicates that NoiseGPT may have a focus on developers and technical users, potentially offering customization options.

Please note that as of my last knowledge update in September 2021, NoiseGPT may have evolved or changed, so it’s advisable to visit their official website and resources for the most up-to-date information.

NoiseGPT-decentralized and uncensored generative AI platform

NoiseGPT-decentralized and uncensored generative AI platform