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Nostr-open protocol designed to decentralize social media, allowing for global, censorship-resistant communication

A guide to the simplest decentralized protocol that isn't peer-to-peer, therefore works.


Key Points: decentralize social media, Free


Nostr is a straightforward and open protocol designed to decentralize social media, allowing for global, censorship-resistant communication.

The protocol consists of two main components clients and relays, where users are identified through public key pairs. Each user’s public key serves as their username, and the private key is used for authentication. Nostr accounts are established based on these key pairs.

The protocol operates on a decentralized network relying on cryptographic key pairs, ensuring scalability and reducing the need for peer-to-peer interactions. This innovative approach aims to create a censorship-resistant global “social” network by eliminating the reliance on centralized servers.

Nostr’s decentralized publishing system also facilitates value-for-value content sharing on the web. To engage with the protocol, users can use various apps or platforms referred to as clients. These clients serve as interfaces for users to interact with the Nostr protocol, similar to using applications like the Twitter iOS app or web app.

The Nostr Gateway provides a decentralized network infrastructure built on cryptographic key pairs, contributing to its scalability and potential effectiveness. Overall, Nostr presents a novel solution for decentralized and censorship-resistant social media, promising greater user control and autonomy over their online interactions.

A few of our favorite clients

List info from Nostr.com https://nostr.com/clients


  • Snort, an easy-to-use client with great onboarding.
  • Coracle, an experimental client that is advancing the UX and internals of social media.
  • Iris, a client that throws you in instantly.
  • Yosup, a minimalistic client.
  • Satellite, a client with excellent views for threaded conversations.


  • Damus, the first Nostr client to be banned in China.
  • Nos, a beautiful and safe client for non-bitcoiners.
  • Nostur, a feature-complete client.
  • Primal, a very fast client that relies on server-side caching.

iOS and Android

  • Plebstr, a closed-source client that is beautiful, fast and smooth.
  • Current, a client that comes with a built-in Bitcoin wallet.
  • ZBD, a custodial, hosted client for ZBD users.


  • Amethyst, a client that has all the features you might imagine.
  • Nozzle, a very lean client, but still a work-in-progress.
  • Nostros, a feature-complete client with experimental relay tricks.
  • Camelus, a very lean client with good fundamentals, but still a work-in-progress.


  • Gossip, a native client that tries to efficiently follow people in wherever relay they happen to be, made in Rust with egui.
  • more-speech, a client that gives you a powerful global view and way of interacting with custom filtering based on web-of-trust and relay selection, made in Clojure. Check out a guide here.
  • Lume, an ambitious client made with Tauri.


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Nostr-open protocol designed to decentralize social media, allowing for global, censorship-resistant communication