Odyssey – Connect AI models without any code

Odyssey is a user-friendly ...


In one simple, intuitive Mac app you can run AI models like Stable Diffusion and LLMs locally then connect those models to a whole bunch of simple image and text processing tools and APIs. Drag-and-drop nodes and powerful, pre-built workflows make Odyssey the easiest way to create great art, increase your productivity, and experiment with AI all in one simple app.

Odyssey is a versatile tool for AI enthusiasts, artists, and professionals looking to leverage AI for various purposes. Its commitment to continuous improvement suggests that users can expect ongoing enhancements and access to the latest AI models and workflows.

Features and Benefits of Odyssey

  • - Hundreds of tools in a single Mac app. String together multiple AI models or start from incredibly powerful workflows.
  • - Locally run Stable Diffusion and ControlNet
  • - Use OpenAI's GPT-4 with your own API keys or Llama2 locally on your Mac
  • - Robust image processing tools like background removal, aspect ratio changes, and more that can be run on hundreds of images at once
  • - Private and secure - We don’t save any of your data and models are run locally.