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Oppwiser-Enhancing Sales Strategy with AI-driven Insights

Sales Strategy with AI-driven. Discover ready-to-buy accounts and prospects based on billions of company data signals and attributes


Oppwiser Enhancing Sales Strategy with AI-driven Insights

Oppwiser is a platform aimed at boosting sales team efficiency through AI-powered solutions. The platform offers several features designed to refine account-based sales strategies and improve research processes.

Product features

  • AI Lookalike Company Finder: One of Oppwiser’s key features is the AI Lookalike Company Finder, which aids businesses in identifying accounts that closely resemble their top clients. This functionality allows sales representatives to concentrate their efforts on accounts with high potential for conversion. [1]
  • Buyer Signals App: The Buyer Signals app is designed to analyze publicly available data to determine if a company is in the process of seeking products or services. This assists businesses in targeting potential clients who are actively considering purchases. [5]
  • AI Opportunity Scanner: Oppwiser offers the AI Opportunity Scanner, a robust tool that offers daily recommendations to help sales reps identify promising leads. By analyzing extensive company data, this tool assists in pinpointing the most promising potential buyers. [7]
  • B2B Company and Contact Data Enrichment: Oppwiser aids in enhancing company and contact profiles in CRM systems, offering accurate contact data enrichment. This ensures that sales teams have up-to-date information at their disposal for effective prospecting. [9]
  • User-Friendly Pricing: Oppwiser’s pricing structure is transparent and accessible. The platform offers unlimited results in the AI Lookalike Company Finder, advanced B2B searches, and the ability to export results. The cost is $99, making it an affordable option for businesses of various sizes. [3]
  • Privacy and Compliance: Oppwiser is committed to safeguarding user privacy and complying with relevant laws and regulations concerning personal information collection. [6][8]

In essence, Oppwiser stands out as a valuable tool for sales teams seeking to optimize their strategies and streamline their processes using cutting-edge AI-driven insights.

Oppwiser-Enhancing Sales Strategy with AI-driven Insights


Oppwiser-Enhancing Sales Strategy with AI-driven Insights