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Node-based AI workspace for creators to work with neural networks without code. (Alpha)


Phygital+ is an AI workspace for art, design, tech, and Web3 startups and creators. No code, no hardware, 20+ Neural Networks, limitless creativity.

Phygital+ AI workspace is our main product that saves gamedev clients up to 80% of their content creation costs. Our clients now create digital assets up to 25 times faster, with neural networks being a part of their workflow. Phygital+ is a node-based tool, where each neural network is just like a LEGO block that could be used separately or assembled into a unique pipeline.

Currently, Phygital+ combines 25 different neural networks, all ready to use for creative professionals and gamedev studios. The most popular are Stable Diffusion with 20+ custom models and styles, DreamBooth training, ControlNet, and Upscale, among many others. Most importantly, gamedev companies can train models on their own style and create custom AI pipelines – saving time and money and bringing endless possibilities to the world of content creation.