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Pi is a free personal bot

Pi is a personal AI designe...


Pi is a free personal bot that gets to know you over time. After signing up for free at, you can chat with Pi through its site or app, or on WhatsApp. It’s a friendly chat companion you can use as a sounding board for thoughts or questions.

Here’s a brief overview:

  1. What is Pi? Pi is a personal AI designed to be supportive and smart. It offers advice, answers questions, and engages in conversations with users. It aims to provide assistance whenever needed, especially in situations where a therapist or support might not be readily available.
  2. Platforms and Channels: Pi is accessible through multiple platforms and channels, making it convenient for users to engage with. It can be accessed through its official website at and also through the website. Additionally, there is an iOS app available for download on the App Store, which allows users to interact with Pi on their Apple devices.
  3. Constant Improvement: Pi is continuously improving and expanding its capabilities. It aims to add more channels and features as it evolves, ensuring a better user experience over time.
  4. Availability: Pi is available for online interactions through the website and for mobile users on iPhone or iPad. It’s mentioned that Pi will be available on Android in the near future.
  5. User Reviews: Pi has received positive user reviews, with a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on the App Store. It has been described as a helpful tool, especially when users need support and guidance.
  6. Recognition in the Industry: Pi has gained recognition as a conversational AI chatbot that offers a human-like experience. It has been noted for its ability to engage with users in a manner that feels natural and human.

In summary, Pi is a personal AI designed to provide support and assistance to users. It can be accessed through its website and an iOS app, with plans for Android availability. Pi has garnered positive reviews and recognition for its conversational abilities, making it a valuable tool for those seeking support and guidance.

Pi is a free personal bot