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Plutis- AI powered mental healthcare services

The Plutis app keeps track of all progress you make toward your mental health goals and provides it all in one convenient place.


Plutis- AI powered mental healthcare services

Plutis is a mental health platform that offers on-demand, modern-day mental healthcare. It connects users with specialized mental health providers and provides AI-based coaching tailored to individual needs. Users can also discover various services to support their mental health journey through Plutis

Plutis focused on improving mental health and well-being by offering a platform that connects users with mental health professionals and provides personalized coaching. This could be a valuable resource for those seeking mental health support.

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On-demand, modern-day mental healthcare. Engage with specialized providers, access tailored AI-based coaching, and discover services to boost your mental well-being.

Your mental health journey starts here. We strive to offer the greatest selection of mental health services to help you find the right resources exactly when you need them.


The Plutis app keeps track of all progress you make toward your mental health goals and provides it all in one convenient place. It provides reminders and keeps you accountable for making progress toward those goals and making mental healthcare a proactive part of your life. You can easily adjust goals month-to-month and receive helpful guidance throughout the full duration of your mental health journey.


Explore our curated list of world-class, licensed therapists as well as our wide selection of mental health and career coaches, guidance counselors, mental health support advocates, and more. The Plutis app also offers matching and recommendation services to help you find the right resource for your individual needs. Whatever it is you are looking for when it comes to accessing help in your mental health journey, we have you covered.


Access other peers and support groups that are facing similar challenges or have dealt with challenges you are currently facing in the past. The Plutis app enables real-time connection so that you can get the support and guidance you need from those that have walked similar paths or are in similar situations as you. Center yourself by accessing help and support in a safe space, from other individuals.


We offer an extensive suite of creative tools so that you can fully express yourself when journaling. Whether it’s adding voice or video entries, text, images, videos, music, or anything else that comes to mind, you can do it here. Storyboard your thoughts, feelings, life events, and much more – all in one place. Prefer hand-writing your journal entries? The Plutis app enables you to scan written entries, automatically formatting them and allowing you to expand those entries in-app, so you can manage your entries more holistically.

We also offer privacy-preserving, AI-enabled features that provide you with real-time feedback and coaching on your entries and help recommend the right resources when you need them. We also provide previews of your progress over periods of time to help you contextualize your entries from the past and stay in the present through meaningful reflection on your growth and development over time.


Use our AI mental health wellness coach for immediate help and guidance. Our AI coach is equipped with extensive knowledge of dealing with a variety of challenging situations and can be a great resource for help. It is also capable of connecting you to other resources when necessary.

Plutis- AI powered mental healthcare services