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Retool AI- Enables you to build AI apps and workflows at an accelerated pace

Retool is the fastest way to build effective business software. Use Retool's building blocks to develop apps and workflow automations that connect to your databas...


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Retool is a versatile platform for developing business software and tools.

Here are some key points about Retool:

  1. Overview: Retool is a platform that allows you to build effective business software quickly. It provides building blocks for developing applications and workflow automations that can connect to your data sources. It is known for its speed and efficiency in software development.
  2. Features: Retool offers security, reliability, and access controls, ensuring the safety of your applications. It also supports self-hosting, allowing you to customize and host it according to your preferences.
  3. Mobile Development: Retool Mobile is a development platform that enables field teams to access apps built with Retool, making it suitable for mobile applications as well.
  4. Company Profile: Retool is a company based in San Francisco, California, USA. It was founded by Anthony Guo and David Hsu and currently has around 300 employees. It is recognized as a provider of a tool development platform that simplifies the process of building custom business tools, even for those without programming language knowledge.
  5. Free for Small Teams: Retool offers free access for teams of up to 5 members, allowing them to build and use unlimited Retool apps for various purposes, including automation and user management.
  6. Efficiency: Retool is known for its efficiency, allowing developers to build custom business software up to 10 times faster than coding from scratch.
  7. Community-Driven: Retool is described as a community-driven modernization platform that emphasizes working with data to create applications and offers live screens and activity editing.

In summary

Retool is a powerful platform for developing custom business software and tools quickly, offering features like security, mobile development support, and efficiency. It’s suitable for both small teams and larger organizations and has gained recognition for its user-friendly approach to software development.

Retool AI- Enables you to build AI apps and workflows at an accelerated pace

Retool AI- Enables you to build AI apps and workflows at an accelerated pace