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Rewind-Truly Personalized AI

What if you had perfect memory? Search or ask Rewind about anything you've seen, said, or heard.


Rewind AI is a company that offers a unique service to users by recording and storing anything they have seen, said, or heard, making it searchable for easy retrieval. The recordings are stored locally on the user’s Mac, ensuring privacy and control over the data ( This feature allows users to have a comprehensive search engine for their own life experiences.

Rewind-Truly Personalized AI

If you subscribe to Rewind Basic, you will receive 50 free rewinds before any charges apply . This subscription-based model provides users with additional benefits and enhanced features beyond the basic functionality.

In their blog post, Rewind AI introduced their product called “Rewind,” which is described as the search engine for your life. It enables users to search or ask Rewind about anything they have experienced, creating a digital memory aid that helps them recall and retrieve information efficiently

One of the key aspects emphasized by Rewind AI is privacy. They prioritize user privacy by storing screen and audio recordings locally on the user’s device, ensuring that the data remains under the user’s control and is not accessed by external entities  This approach gives users peace of mind regarding the security and confidentiality of their personal information.

In summary, Rewind AI offers a unique service that allows users to record and store their experiences, making them searchable for easy retrieval. With a focus on privacy, the company ensures that all recordings are stored locally on the user’s Mac, providing users with full control over their data. Rewind AI’s search engine for your life, called “Rewind,” assists users in searching and recalling information from their past experiences. By subscribing to Rewind Basic, users can access additional benefits and features offered by the company.

My insights The concept of a personal search engine for one’s own life experiences is intriguing. Rewind AI’s approach seems to align with the growing concerns about privacy and data security, as they prioritize storing recordings locally and under the user’s control. This approach gives users the ability to search and retrieve information from their personal history conveniently while maintaining a high level of privacy. It is interesting to see how technology continues to evolve to cater to the unique needs of individuals and their digital lives.