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GPT4 Game: Pong, Mario, Hangman, Sudoku, & PuyoPuyo


Show HN- Games created in 24 hours with GPT4: Pong, Mario, Hangman, Sudoku, & PuyoPuyo

  1. GPT Games: You can explore AI-assisted game designs on the GitHub page for GPT Games. One example mentioned is the classic Pong game that you can play against AI.
  2. Games in 24 Hours with GPT4: There is a project that showcases games created with GPT4, including Pong and Mario. You can find a demo and the code on GitHub.
  3. ChatGPT Games: The ChatGPT Games repository contains prompts that you can use to play games with ChatGPT. It’s an open project, and you’re encouraged to contribute.
  4. Awesome GPT Games: This project seems to be about generating code for various games, such as Pac-Man, that can run on web pages using HTML, CSS, and JS.
  5. GPT Games Alternatives: The project kuczmama/gpt-games is mentioned as an open-source project under the MIT license. It appears to involve AI learning from GitHub repositories and allowing you to chat with it.
  6. GitHub Games: If you’re interested in open-source games and game-related projects, you can check out a list of them on GitHub. This list includes text adventures, educational games, and 8-bit platform games.

In summary

there are various projects and repositories related to games and GPT technology available on GitHub. You can explore AI-assisted game designs, play games created with GPT4, contribute to ChatGPT games, generate game code, and discover open-source games and game-related projects.

These projects demonstrate the fusion of artificial intelligence and gaming, making it an exciting area for exploration and innovation in the gaming industry.

Show HN- Games with GPT4