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SubtitleO: AI-Powered Auto Subtitle Generator

SubtitleO: Captioning Made Easy

SubtitleO is a SaaS web app that simplifies the process of adding auto subtitles to videos, offering customizable styles with just a few clicks. It was created by Suraj Kadam, aiming to assist content creators, marketers, and anyone working with video content.

Features and Benefits

SubtitleO offers various features and resources for video captioning, as outlined below:

  1. Auto Subtitle Generation: SubtitleO’s primary function is to automatically generate subtitles for videos, streamlining the often time-consuming captioning process.
  2. Customizable Styles: Users have the flexibility to customize the appearance of subtitles to align with their branding and content style.
  3. Pricing Options: SubtitleO offers a free plan that allows for the captioning of up to 6 one-minute videos per month, as well as a premium plan that includes unlimited videos. The annual premium plan also offers two months free.
  4. Educational Resources: SubtitleO maintains a blog featuring updates, guides, tutorials, and tips related to video captioning, auto subtitle generation, accessibility, and video marketing.
  5. Closed Captioning Guide: The platform provides a comprehensive guide on closed captions, including their benefits, differences from subtitles, and their crucial role in enhancing video accessibility.
  6. Accessibility: SubtitleO highlights the importance of subtitles in improving accessibility, making content available to deaf or hard-of-hearing users.

If you wish to use SubtitleO, you can access it through their official website, and there is also a sign-up option available for new users.


SubtitleO addresses a vital need for content creators by simplifying the process of adding captions to videos. Video captions not only enhance accessibility but also improve SEO and viewer engagement, making them essential for anyone looking to create engaging and inclusive content. The availability of both free and premium plans accommodates a range of users, from individuals with occasional captioning needs to businesses with higher demands for video accessibility.

Overall, SubtitleO appears to be a valuable tool for content creators striving to make their videos more accessible and engaging.

SubtitleO: AI-Powered Auto Subtitle Generator

SubtitleO: AI-Powered Auto Subtitle Generator