Swimm.io – Code Documentation Tool by AI

Swimm is a knowledge management tool for code, built for dev teams committed to effective knowledge sharing. With Swimm, every developer can quickly understand code an...


Swimm is a knowledge management and documentation tool specifically designed for code. It is built to facilitate effective knowledge sharing among development teams [1]. Swimm provides features that streamline internal code documentation and help engineering teams overcome documentation challenges [2]. One of its key features is a powerful code-coupled editor that allows developers to create and edit documentation quickly by interacting directly with the code [3].

Swimm is useful for a variety of purposes such as navigating new codebases, onboarding new hires, and contributing to open-source projects efficiently [6]. It enables developers to quickly understand and work with unfamiliar code, making the onboarding process smoother [6]. Additionally, Swimm offers admin controls that allow administrators to connect repositories and manage access to documentation [5].

Overall, Swimm aims to enhance knowledge sharing and collaboration within development teams by providing a comprehensive tool for code documentation and management.