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Threado-AI Empower Online Community Management

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Threado: Empowering Online Community Management

Threado is a leading community management platform designed to aid in identifying opportunities, streamlining workflows, and fostering growth within online communities. The platform is compatible with various communication tools like Slack, Discord, Discourse, and GitHub. With a team boasting extensive experience in community building and product development for a global audience, Threado offers a comprehensive solution for managing online communities.

Product AI features

Threado serves as a command center for online communities, enabling users to gauge engagement, gain detailed insights, and automate operational tasks from a single dashboard. This platform empowers community managers to enhance their communities by providing insights, automating workflows, and engaging more members. Moreover, Threado features an AI-powered instant support function that allows the creation of custom-trained AI applications to swiftly address queries on platforms such as Slack, Discord, and the web.

Threado also offers access to a diverse range of curated online communities on platforms like Slack, Discord, Circle, Tribe, and Discourse. Additionally, it provides a collection of over 1100 curated apps and tools to assist in building, growing, and managing online communities, all accessible for free on the platform. The company’s LinkedIn profile showcases its commitment to offering a powerful dashboard that goes beyond measuring engagement metrics, providing valuable insights for community management.

In summary

Threado emerges as a comprehensive community management platform that empowers community builders to streamline operations, analyze engagement, and automate tasks. With its compatibility with various communication tools and a strong emphasis on insights and growth, Threado stands as a valuable asset for online community management.

Threado-AI Empower Online Community Management