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Tiledesk Design Studio- Unlock AI magic for elevated customer engagement, fast

Automate conversations from prototyping to website, Facebook, WhatsApp and so on.


Tiledesk: Conversational Automation for Customer Engagement

Tiledesk is a platform that specializes in conversational automation for customer engagement.

Features and Benefits

Here are some key aspects of Tiledesk:

  1. Conversational Automation: Tiledesk offers ready-to-use conversational automation tools. These tools can help businesses engage with their customers in a personalized manner, leading to improved conversion rates and customer retention.
  2. Open Source Live Chat: Tiledesk provides an open-source live chat solution that can be installed either on-premises or on cloud servers under your control. They support deployment using Docker and Kubernetes, giving businesses flexibility.
  3. AI Chatbot Builder: Tiledesk offers an open-source chatbot builder that allows you to create AI chatbots. They also provide chatbot templates and a free design studio for hassle-free chatbot development.
  4. Open Source Community: Tiledesk has a thriving open-source community for its free live chat and chatbot builder. Users can receive support from a global network of developers.
  5. Pricing: Tiledesk offers pricing options, including a free option. You can find more information about their pricing on their website.
  6. Documentation and Help: For assistance and guidance, Tiledesk provides a documentation section where you can find helpful resources and information.
  7. Comparison: Tiledesk is positioned as a competitive alternative to Voiceflow and Botpress, making it a choice for businesses looking for AI-driven customer engagement solutions.
  8. Customer Service Chatbot: Tiledesk’s chatbot is designed to provide instant and 24/7 answers to customer queries, aiming to increase customer satisfaction through rapid responses.
  9. Integration: Tiledesk offers integration with other apps through its marketplace. This integration capability allows users to connect Tiledesk with various AI frameworks and existing systems easily.
  10. Chatbot Design Studio: Tiledesk allows integration with ChatGPT for producing conversational responses. Users can also train their chatbots to find answers to customer queries effectively.

In summary

Tiledesk provides a comprehensive platform for businesses looking to enhance customer engagement through conversational automation, including open-source live chat, AI chatbot development, and integrations with other applications. Its open-source community and competitive positioning make it a notable choice in the customer engagement space.

Tiledesk Design Studio- Unlock AI magic for elevated customer engagement, fast

Tiledesk Design Studio- Unlock AI magic for elevated customer engagement, fast