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tldv-AI-Powered Meeting Recorder for Zoom and Google Meet

AI Meeting Recorder for Zoom and Google Meet.Discover the GPT-powered meeting software to video record, transcribe, highlight and share your online meetings. Try tldv ...


tl;dv: AI-Powered Meeting Recorder for Zoom and Google Meet

tl;dv is an innovative AI-powered meeting recorder designed specifically for users of Zoom and Google Meet. The platform offers a range of features, including video recording, transcription, key point highlighting, and easy sharing of online meetings.

Key Features:

  • Video recording, transcription, and key point highlighting
  • Seamless integration with Zoom and Google Meet
  • Utilizes GPT-powered technology for enhanced meeting capture


Users can create an account on the tl;dv website to access its features. Additionally, a Google Chrome extension is available for recording, transcribing, and utilizing ChatGPT for Google Meet.

Recognition and Alternatives:

tl;dv has gained popularity on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, where users share their experiences. While tl;dv is a notable AI meeting recorder, there are also alternatives available, such as Wudpecker, Fathom, Sembly, and Fireflies.

Help and Support:

For users seeking guidance, the tl;dv Help Center provides instructions on downloading recordings and submitting feature requests.


tl;dv offers an AI-powered solution for recording, transcribing, and highlighting key information in virtual meetings. Its integration with popular video conferencing platforms and use of GPT-powered technology make it a valuable tool for enhancing remote collaboration and capturing important meeting details.

tldv-AI-Powered Meeting Recorder for Zoom and Google Meet


tldv-AI-Powered Meeting Recorder for Zoom and Google Meet