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UXsniff: AI-driven UX tool

UXsniff is an AI-driven UX tool, that autonomously analyzes session recordings, detects irregular click patterns, and offers GPT-generated summaries.


Introduce UX Sniff

UX Sniff is a website that offers user experience testing services for websites and mobile applications. It allows users to record and analyze user behavior on their website or app, providing insights into how users interact with their digital products.

Features and Benefits

– Uses heatmaps, click tracking, and session recordings to understand user behavior
– Helps users optimize their digital products for better user experience
– Provides insights into how users interact with websites and mobile apps


UX Sniff is a user experience testing tool that allows users to test websites and apps by recording how users interact with them. It captures metrics like heatmaps, clicks, and sessions to give insights into the user experience. This helps product owners identify issues and optimize the user experience of their digital products.


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UXsniff: AI-driven UX tool


UXsniff: AI-driven UX tool