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Generate UI with simple text prompts. Copy, paste, ship.

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“” by Vercel Labs, a generative user interface system powered by AI that generates React code based on Shadcn UI and Tailwind CSS.

Benefits and Features

  1. Overview:
    • is a generative user interface system developed by Vercel Labs, powered by AI. It is designed to generate copy-and-paste friendly React code.
    • Users can generate UI components by providing simple text prompts, making it a user-friendly tool for developers[4].
  2. Templates and Prompts:
    • offers various templates and prompts for generating specific UI components. For example, you can find templates like changing button text, creating a dashboard for a SaaS app, adding a title, or even creating a chessboard with Unicode characters[2][6][7][10].
    • These templates are designed to simplify the UI development process by providing pre-configured code snippets.
  3. Usage and Pre-release Agreement:
    • Users are required to agree to a pre-release agreement when using templates or code products[3][8][10].
  4. Installation:
    • You can install templates and components using npm, such as “npm install next” for a specific version[2].
  5. Specific Use Cases:
    • templates are versatile and can be used for various purposes, including creating dashboards for SaaS apps, changing UI elements like button text, and even generating chessboards with Unicode characters[6][7][10].
  6. Product Pricing:
    • There is mention of a product priced at $120.00, described as classic sneakers, but it’s unclear how this relates to[5].

In summary by Vercel Labs is a tool that simplifies UI development by generating React code based on text prompts. It offers a range of templates for various UI components and requires users to agree to a pre-release agreement when using its products. Developers can use to streamline the development of user interfaces for web applications. AI Tools make text to UI and CSS